New Year, New Blog!

2017 will be a year where I will be trying new things.

Being more creative and expressive is one area I want to explore.  Specifically, not only do I want to try and be more creative, I am going to attempt to be openly creative by putting myself out there (literally – out there in the interwebs) and will be challenging myself to be ok with it – to be ok with sharing a different side of me that most people probably don’t know about, to be ok with presenting imperfect work, to be ok with possibly being judged.

Part of the challenge for me is that in trying to be more creative, I will need to force myself to just do and produce and be ok with not being at all good at whatever it is I’m trying to do (like blogging!).  Art used to be a big part of my life – I used to spend hours drawing, painting, and crafting.  However, as I got older, I started funneling my time towards other interests and priorities and in the process I think I’ve become more rigid.

Now, rather than just trying, testing, and going with the flow, I’ve realized I tend to hold back if the situation is not perfect – if I don’t have the perfect inputs, if I don’t have the perfect idea, if the set-up isn’t perfect, if I haven’t had the perfect preparation – then I’d rather not even make an attempt.  Reconciling this awareness with the idea of having a bias towards action and the adage of “practice makes perfect” and the concept of 10,000 hours, I know I need to just start doing.

Thus, one of the things I’m doing is starting a blog!  Besides an outlet for expression, I will also be utilizing this blog to share my wanderlust, outdoor adventures, fitness trainings, and health and wellness experiences.   The functional aspect of this blog is that it will serve to document all these activities for future reference and perhaps others will find the information helpful, too.

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